Italian Experience

Siena Experience

Tours and trip experiences – with transfer service, private cars, drivers, personal mother tongue guide – tours in the best and traditional wine cellars of Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti, taste itineraries and dinners in the vineyard. Tours in Medieval villages in the area of Siena like Montepulciano or San Giminiano. City tours in Siena, happy hours in terraces that overlook Piazza Del Campo, private lunches and dinners, hosted by some of the noble families owners of the most important ancient palaces of the city.

Jockey’s Palio

An entire day celebrating the world of the “Fantino” (jockey) during the year, when they do not race the Palio. From the tour in the “contrada” to the happy hour in terraces that overlook Piazza Del Campo, from a lunch in a wonderful noble palace hosted by a noble family, to a tour in a horse stable with a faithful reproduction of a horse race in a track, usually used for training, that looks like the course of the Palio di Siena.

The Bocelli “Theatre of Silence”

Andrea Bocelli lends his voice to the Theatre of Silence, in the magnificent hills in the surroundings of Pisa. The tenor offers, for this unique night, a repertory with the most famous arias of the opera. This is an unmissable opportunity in the spirit of great music thanks to a cast of international voices and great performers, accompanied by a symphonic orchestra and the Opera di Firenze’s chorus, in the natural setting of Theatre of Silence. It is also possible to go on a tour discovering the ancient cities of Lucca and Pisa, with an expert guide. Overnight stay in an ancient accommodation situated between Montecatini and Lucca, with a SPA.

The time machine

A travel in the history, with the opportunity to re-experience a period of history in all its glory, from Middle Ages to 1700, from Ancient Rome to the Twenties. Location, costumes, food and divertissement, everything precisely vintage and recreated with abundance of details. Everyone – hosts, waiters, performers, and musicians – will wear historic costumes for all the duration of the event. A fascinating role-playing game, perfect for a business team building, o for a carefree event. Finally, in this charming moment, it will be possible to leave your watches in a drawer, turn off your phones to only enjoy every moment of this wonderful experience in the past.

Carnival in Venice

An exclusive trip in the charming setting of Venice to live the magic of the most ancient carnival of the world. Masks, jugglers, acrobats and dancers that crowd the streets of the city, creating a magical atmosphere made of dance, jokes and exclusive parties in the palaces, everyone with typical costumes and hairstyles from 1700, banquets and table laden with food, by candlelight. City tours and experiences discovering Venice and the rest of the lagoon. Entry at the most exclusive costume parties in palaces in Venice, with costume rental service, hair and make-up. Overnight stay in the best hotels of the area, transfer service by motorboat, and mother tongue guide.

Modena, Motors and Flavors

A tour discovering the wonders of Modena: from the speed myth of racing cars of Maranello to the slow aging of “Aceto Balsamico”. A fun and interesting itinerary perfect to learn all the secrets of the most famous automakers, like Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini and Maserati, in order to know how a limited-edition car is made and to experience the euphoria of speed in a proper racetrack. Taste itinerary of typical